Steam Shower Room With deep Whirlpool Tub ,Termostatic. BLUETOOTH. 9004H

Steam Shower Room With deep Whirlpool Tub ,Termostatic. BLUETOOTH. 9004H - Image 1

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Dimensions: 53in. × 31.5in. × 85in.
Weight: 290 lb.

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Steam Shower and whirlpool (Jacuzzi) bath combo,
compact shower tub unit easy to install,
rectangular shape suitable for home bathroom.

Steam generator
Jacuzzi whirlpool system
multi function hand shower
telephone answer function
towel bar
thermostatic valve
pedal tub drainer
aromatherapy & ozone sterilizer
backrest with acupuncture jets
back hydro massage jets
blue LED background light
hot-cold water switch tropical monsoon top shower
built-in FM radio
12V low voltage ceiling light
built in seat
ventilator fan
foot massage
safety-tempered glass door
shampoo shelf
3KW steam generator
remote control

Aluminium alloy: chrome finish options.
Door: sliding glass door with double handles and magnetic seal.
Tub drainer: designed utility to on-off press.
Tub and roof: made from composite acrylic board with acrylic surface and ABS base.
Tub construction: 3-layer fiberglass reinforcement and a steel support.

Electricial Specification:
•Steam generator- 240V, 13Amp;
*Control Panel- 110V, 0.25Amp ,
*Pump - 110V, 7Amp
Steam generator – 2800W
Whirlpool pump - 1HP
Overheat protection: the steam generator will be shut down automatically if the temperature of the box gets too hot.
No water protection: if there is no water in steam generator, it will shut down immediately.


Easy installation:
come with flexible hot and cold valve pipe
Steam Generator This unit features a high quality 3000 watt 28amp steam generator which will start producing hot steam in just under 2 minutes. Use the LCD control panel to adjust the temperature and the duration of your customizable steam bath. Steam Showers include all the luxuries of a steam bath as well as the numerous health benefits.
Thermostatic (anti-scald) valve
Have you ever experienced that sudden rush of icy cold water or worst a burst of scalding water from your shower? This thermostatic valve is a vital feature that enables the selection of a specifically desired water temperature, whilst eliminating those sudden water temperature shifts, making your new steam shower especially safe for both children and older users

Ozone Sterilization system:
This allows for the creation of ozone that helps sterilize the tub. Simply press a button on the control panel after each use and your shower will be sterilized for you!

Handheld Shower:
Included in this Shower Room unit is a handheld shower wand. Customize your shower experience by using this wand as a normal shower or handheld shower.

Comes disassembled in 4 boxes:
(1/4) 66" x 32" x 5". 132 LB
(2/4) 55" x 33" x 22". 135 LB
(3/4) 66" x 24" x 3". 50 LB
(4/4) 65" x 12" x 7". 19 LB

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Steam Shower Room With deep Whirlpool Tub ,Termostatic. BLUETOOTH. 9004H - Image 1
Steam Shower Room With deep Whirlpool Tub ,Termostatic. BLUETOOTH. 9004H - Image 1